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Overhead Detail Inspections

WCEP Inc. Field Technicians evaluate existing conditions of circuits and/or scopes of work assigned in order to flag any infractions identified in the field.


To ensure no potential infraction goes unnoticed, field inspections are completed by levels including: primary, equipment, secondary, communications, and ground level.

Common infractions include but are not limited to:

  • Missing or broken high voltage signs

  • Missing or broken visibility strips

  • Broken or cracked poles

  • Leaking or damaged equipment

  • Weathering or damaged bare or insulated wire

  • Improper splices

  • Missing pole tags

  • Anchors pulling from ground

  • Missing guy guards

  • Loose cotter keys


All damages, deterioration, and noncompliance issues are flagged in a program of choice and sorted within the following classifications by how quickly they need to be addressed per utility specifications: Priority 1 (P1), Priority 2 (P2), or Priority 3 (P3).

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