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Survey & Field Audits

Safety is paramount when fielding services are being performed. WCEP, Inc. puts safety first at all times, but especially when in the field.

To ensure fielding and pole fielding operations are performed safely, WCEP, Inc. has developed programs for ongoing training of designers and technicians that work in the field. Each fielding operation follows a specific Safety Checklist that includes safety precautions and reminders.

In coordination with the Safety Checklist, we've also developed a customizable Fielding Checklist so each fielder or fielding team delivers efficient, standardized reports. 

Once fielding is complete, our team can deliver field findings for input into AutoCAD or the various pole modeling tools such as SPIDAcalc and O-Calc.

Contact us today to learn more about the services and capabilities WCEP, Inc. can bring to your project.

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