West Coast Electric & Power, Inc. (WCEP, Inc.) provides numerous solutions for utility projects as a certified CPUC Supplier Clearinghouse minority-owned business (MBE). We pride ourselves on being a one-stop shop utility contractor comprised of a dynamic team of Designers, Planners, Drafters, Project Managers, Inspectors, and Permit Coordinators.​
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Electric Meters

WCEP, Inc. provides a range of Design and Planning services for overhead and underground electrical transmission and distribution projects.

Construction Plans

Our team of experienced drafters produce detailed asset plans while working directly with the Design and Planning Teams to get a safe and clean product out to the end-user.

Drone Survey & Analysis

WCEP, Inc. has an extensive

background designing T&D systems for utilities throughout California. Our  team can complete projects from scoping to IFC with all respective groups involved.


WCEP, Inc. provides full support for system surveys, underground inspections, and pole audits. Services include safety notifications and recommendations for pole remediations and upgrades based on specific utility standards.


Our focus with each project is providing efficient, safe, and reliable designs that are standardized to specific utility requirements across all types of operations. WCEP, Inc. develops a unique QA/QC plan for each project our team approaches.

Architectural Modelling

WCEP, Inc. has decades of experience working with cities, counties, and jurisdictions. WCEP, Inc. can help manage all areas of permitting from AutoCAD site detail creation to package submission and approval.

Electrical Distribution Design & Plannin

WCEP, Inc. provides pole loading calculations with services that include loading analysis with programs such as O-Calc & SPIDAcalc.

West Coast Electric and Power


Based in California, WCEP, Inc. provides a one-stop solution for utility projects of all types. Our team partners with utilities directly as well as various primary contractors as a DBE for services such as Fire Risk Mitigation, Rule 20 Design, Service Planning, field inspections, deteriorated poles, base mapping, electric vehicle charging station design, platt layout and design, Site Planning, and Permitting. 

From our offices in both Orange County and San Diego, we've partnered with companies in the power distribution industry to deliver high quality projects safely, on time, and on budget.



Pole Designs


Pole Loading Calculations


Pole Change-Outs






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